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As we all know that everyone had experienced depression in their life at least once. It is a feeling that we know from the time of taking responsibility. And also know that depression is not only for humans but also for other living things. Even in a dog or cat, we can feel their sadness through their interaction with us. Humans are not knowingly going into that condition, the situations in their life made everyone feel upset. There are many reasons for getting into depression. Every field has its tensions and responsibilities. Sometimes overthinking an issue that can be personal or non-personal will also make a person sad or depressed. It is a condition where they have mood change, loss of interest in activities, extreme sadness, etc.

What is depression?

We all may think that depression is a mental illness or mental problem. Don’t think like that. Depression is only a mental condition where a person feels a lack of interest in all activities, extreme sadness, hopelessness, mood swings, irritability, and so on. Or we can say that it is an extreme level of sadness. It is also called a major depressive disorder or clinical disorder.

Everyone might have experienced it in their life. Because we know that life is like a book, where some chapters are really exciting and making happy and some chapters make as really sad. It’s because the sorrows and happiness are part of everyone’s life. In the case of depression or the extreme level of sadness, overthinking is the main reason. The state of depression is really hard to fight with, but we have to overcome and concentrate on your present and future life. There is no need of thinking about past life.

Our present decisions make our life in the future. So, the thing is that if we face any problem, we fight against it even if no one supports us. Fight against the problem of life in your way and style, but you have to check whether it affects others negatively. By hearing this, don’t be upset because there are many solutions to every problem. We only have to find it. The people who find solutions to their problems will succeed in their life and move on. Everyone can find it out, you only have to do is to calm down and think.

If you need any help just ask your trustworthy companions. But you have to think deeply when hearing other’s decisions or pieces of advice. Life is yours and only you know what step will suit and solve your problems. The truth is that only you know the depth of your problems, your secret issues, the way you can handle the problem in your life.

Let me tell you something, if you face any problem, initially, you have to be calm your mind and think about the solutions or ways you can solve your problems. Don’t be tensed on something or overthink it. It will only make you feel sadder. I know that it’s not simple to be calm when your mind is tensed but you have to try for it and build a strong mind to fight with your problems. You, the only person who can live your life. Mostly, we have seen that people who are depressed will choose the option of suicide. You have to think; it is not at all a solution to any problem. When you end your life, you are escaping from the problems.

Don’t be afraid of it. If you are physically and mentally strong then nothing can defeat you at any cost. But you have to be mentally strong up and overcome your problems. When we look into the causes of depression, there will be many reasons.

Causes of depression?
The causes of depression are of two types; long term causes and short-term causes. As usual, long term causes are the long-lasting causes for depression and short-term causes are the depression for short periods. The lasting of the depression depends upon the mentality and capability of each person. The reasons for the depression can be family problems, health issues, breakup, death of special ones, employment issues, and so on. The depression causes many problems such as:

Extreme sadness
Childhood adversity
Mood swings
Social isolation
Extreme anger
Overthinking and so on
The depressed person will experience or suffer from agitation, crying, hunger, restlessness, sleeplessness, loss of appetite, unwanted thoughts, lack of concentration. The problem will affect socially, biologically, and psychologically. Depression rapidly weakens the physical health of a person. Everything which affects our mental health will be a cause for depression. Think and act positively.

Solutions for depression?
Depression can be overcome through therapies, medications, recognition, and a peaceful environment. The therapies like

Talk therapy
Cognitive-behavioral therapy
Behavior therapy
Medical treatments like

Anxiolytic and
Foremost, they need recognition as a normal person from others. Don’t isolate them, they need hand support for the perfect recovery and to build a strong mind. Don’t make them negative and sad or make them think about the past. Love them, support them, and make them forget the past life injuries through our interactions with them. It will help them to recover fully from that condition.

At last, they need a peaceful environment. The surroundings have a great influence on the minds of the people. Often, it will control our mood swings. For example, if we are sitting in a noisy area, it may sometime irritate us. We all love to sit in a peaceful place where we get fresh air and can hear the nature sounds. Nature itself is a treatment for every behavioral problem. You can practice yoga, mudra treatments, hear peaceful music, engage in other active activities, etc.

Depression is also said as a mood disorder.
It depends upon our moods. Always be happy and active with a strong mind to overcome all problems in our life. Don’t bend our knees before the problems in life even though it’s a severe one. Battle with the problems. We may have read that life is like a war, you either die or win but don’t stop trying. In that battle, you have to try hard to become a winner. Winning may not be a new thing, but trying again and again and again with self-confidence is a great thing. First, you should believe in yourself and your abilities, it will succeed you in your life. Don’t think like I may, always think can while doing something.

Dorothy Rowe says that: Depression is a prison where you are both the suffering prisoner and the cruel jailer. If you want to free from that prison, you itself have to work. Lastly, we heard about the news of Sushant Singh’s suicide, a famous Bollywood actor, who acted in an inspirational movie recovering from depression, although, the problems of life will make us think about suicide. But don’t go for it. You have many opportunities to achieve things after overcoming your problems.

I will tell a short story of Buddha for your peaceful mind, Once Buddha and his disciples were walking from town to town. While they reached the close of a lake, Buddha told one of his disciples that he was thirsty. The disciple walked near the lake and he saw that some people are washing their clothes in the lake and at the same time a bullock cart passed through that lake. The water became muddy and how can he give it to Buddha. He told Buddha that the water became muddy and I don’t think now it’s good to drink. An hour later, Buddha again told that same disciple to get some water from that lake to drink. The disciple was obediently gone to take water.

This time, the disciple had taken clean water. Buddha looked at the water and said to the disciple that, look now it’s clean water. It says that, you should give them time to settle down the mud on its own. It will be back without any efforts. Our minds are also like that, if it is tensed or disturbed, give it time to calm down on its own.

Don’t be hurry, it will happen naturally. You don’t have to take any strength to calm down your mind. You will okay after leaving some time for it to calm down.

Here, Buddha says that you no need to make any efforts, the peaceful mind is an effortless process. You only have to do is to leave some time to calm down your mind from the problems. If you do something with your peaceful mind, you can achieve success. When you feel peace within you, spread it around you. Moreover, it will make others know your gracefulness and inner peace. That’s why I told you to calm down and think deeply before taking any decisions. Your decisions will make up your life for the future.

Take good and positive decisions to become an inspiration for others. Positively take everything. A peaceful mind will create positive thoughts. You have to be enough patient to bring back your inner peace. After that, it will lead your life positively. Once you try hard to compete with your life, from there onward, you will get a good and strong mind. Depression is only an extreme condition, before that you can bring your mind back to your inner peace through leaving time to calm. Stay calm and stay peaceful.

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