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Information's | Tuesday, 2 March 2021

 How to Increase the Brain Remembering Capacity?

The memories of our bygone days are perhaps the only thing that we can rely on for referring to anything in the present or future. But case studies shave shown that the power of memorizing facts gets weaker as we grow old or at times it becomes a disease or even fatal that we do need to be dependent on other persons to remember something. These days, the sedentary lifestyles of people have also contributed to this memory loss. Thankfully, worldwide scientists and researchers are there to study the causes and the remedies of memory loss or in other words to regenerate the brain capacity. Moreover, the methods which are widely proven and accepted are:

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A) The Natural Way:

In the case of food items and beverages, less intake of sugar, alcohol, preservatives, processed foods can induce memory loss. Berries Vitamin-D rich foods, anti-inflammatory foods like turmeric can help. In fact, the intake of a little bit of cocoa can also improve memorizing capacity. This whole thing is also known as a Brain-Boosting Diet and it also includes fish oil, omega-3 fatty acid etc.

Exercising on a regular basis, training our mind with a storybook reading, reading out loud, listening to repetitive music, engaging the mind. These activities like cross puzzles, brain games and meditation are some ways those we can practice at home to get better brainpower.

The proper time and duration of sleep, some naps in the middle of works, the right ways of focusing, and as well as creation of distractions are all the game changers of the brain capacity and electrifying the memory.

Getting rid of multitasking and concentrating on one work at one time is one of the best remedies for augmenting brain strength.

At times, Social networking or surfing websites of cute baby pictures can also help.

B) The Environmental Way:

Proximity to nature, greens, getting loss in the lap of the environment can boost the mind power of any one very effectively.

C) The Alphabetical way:

Mnemonics is the way which includes remembering things with the rhyme/number techniques, the shape of the images, the roman Loci way are some way outs which work with alphabets or sounds.

Therefore, memory is an asset that we should preserve and develop. Even if we do not have the need for appearing for the exam, still the ability to remember quickly and accurately is always desirable.

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