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 Avid urbanization and steady development of resources have transformed Jharkhand tremendously, thereby making it a favourable habitation option at Jamshedpur. Jharkhand boasts of its five major cities, namely,

Deoghar: The religious conglomerate

Bokaro: The peaceful hub of industrialisation

Dhanbad: The repository of Coal

Jamshedpur: The forerunner of cleanliness and advancement

Ranchi: The charming capital city


Do you know how to culminate industrial development and purified living in a city housing 1 million people? The first planned industrial city of India serves as the perfect example. Founded by JamshedJi Tata, Jamshedpur has nurtured the oldest and largest Iron and Steel company “Tata Iron and Steel” (TISCO), in India. Irrespective of the humdrum of various mining plants and operations of TISCO, Jamshedpur managed to bag the title of the cleanest city in India in 2020. Moreover, this steel hub provides a valuable ‘quality of life’ and ranks second in India for such efficiency and is the 84th swiftest growing city in the world.

Why living in Jamshedpur is favourable?

Jamshedpur is the only city in India without a municipality or municipal corporation. Tata Iron and Steel have taken charge of the public amenities and facilities through JUSCO (Jamshedpur Utility Services Company). JUSCO ensures sustainable services of water, electricity, and waste management for the people. When a private company provides services:

– They are of adequate quality.

– There is better coordination with people regarding their issues and dispute resolution

– Without Governmental interventions, things are fast, devoid of complexities, and lack the requirement for intermediaries.

– People are satisfied with the services and live hassle-free.

1 million people of Jamshedpur directly consume water from the tap. The water is hugely purify and distill as JUSCO does quality testing and certification at the labs before supplying the same. With the advent of the latest technological services, sensor-fitted devices generate signals based on water quality and resolve related water-issues effectively. Furthermore, it saves people from the need to buy water filters or purifiers.

In India, Jamshedpur is the only “Zero Sewage Discharge City.” All the wastes and dissolved solids gushing out of the iron and steel plants and different factories are collected and entirely treated before disposal. The joint effort of Tata Communications and JUSCO helps prevent pollution and makes the environment cleaner for people. Furthermore, you can observe Jamshedpur’s sustainable solutions in Roads’ building through the Recycling of Plastic. Jamshedpur is providing the ‘reduce-reuse-recycle’ approach and also discarding the need for bitumen.

There are sensors fitted below maintenance holes and sewers in the city for ascertaining the water level. Technological interventions will help the authorities take pre-emptive action if necessary, like natural calamities or rising water levels. People are safe as they can be evacuated quickly and on time during emergencies.


Smart street lighting services (operate based on traffic) are an added advantage for Jamshedpur. Besides, sensors installed in electric transformers help JUSCO in efficiently monitoring electrical issues and resolving them. Moreover, when private providers distribute the electrical services, cost per consumer is less, and therefore people are save from paying hefty electrical bills.

The tourism and aesthetic aspect of Jamshedpur requires credit too. Jharkhand’s largest city has scenic gardens, beautiful waterfalls, pristine beauty of the hills and forests, and rivers Subarnarekha and Kharkhai. The people have a plethora of options for vacation and exploration and lives in the lap of nature. Jubilee Park, spread over 500 acres, deserves a special mention for serving as a picnic spot, joggers point, and magnificent view. Furthermore, people can opt for visiting the longest Marine Drive in Jamshedpur that stretches for about 11 kilometers.

ISO 14000 Certification for Jamshedpur shows the highest level of maintenance in the city. This implies the city uses raw materials rightfully, consumes low energy, improved efficiency in services, and reduced waste. People would love to live in a city that was well maintain and provides the require services at reducing costs.

Jamshedpur houses some of the country’s premier institutions like XLRI, NIT Jamshedpur, National Metallurgical Laboratory, Shavak Nanavati Technical Institute, among other schools and universities for assuring quality education for its residents. Furthermore, the high rate of employment and research opportunities attract students from across the country to settle in Jamshedpur.

Jamshedpur has a tropical climate being 150m above sea level. Therefore, the summer and winter temperatures are favorable for residents, with its average temperature being 26.6 degrees Celsius. A moderate amount of rainfall is not destructive.

There is a low rate of crime in Jamshedpur, and therefore it is suitable for habitation. The presence of a multi-cultural community is beneficial as people are helpful and interactive. Consequently, there are various cuisines and cultural activities available to keep everyone engaged.


Jamshedpur is the smartest city in India that has been progressing regularly due to the evolving infrastructure of TISCO and the collaborative efforts of JUSCO. Apart from accessing the basic amenities at affordable rates, the clean and green environment is a plus. Furthermore, no other city in India has such an efficient management system. Therefore, if you are planning to settle in Jharkhand, ideally opt for this myriad of Jamshedpur’s cultures as you will never regret the decision.

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