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If your doctor has given you a glucometer, naturally you would try to look for other options as well. These days people like you would get a lot of new and exciting choices, not just for glucometers but also for new apps and devices use to measure your blood sugar level. Several online and offline stores provide you with amazing and top-class glucometers which shows the exact results. Today, monitoring your glucose is very simple and effective in a lot more convenient way.

Same as the other technological devices like your computer, television, DVD player, and fitness tracker, glucometers are also been modified. Today you get wireless glucometers which sync data with apps and websites. This is one of the big benefits for your health. The following are some of the new things that you can do with the latest glucometers.

You Can Share Your Data With Your Doctor

Yes, this is true. New and modified glucometers are amazing and truly convenient for mankind. This has made sharing data easy. You can send your data to your doctor, your loved ones, or anyone close to you. This gives a real-time update to them on how you are doing and your treatment is working or not. This is crucial as managing diabetes is a bit difficult and all about the right control.

You Get A Complete Picture About Your Health

When you own a glucometer, you can check your glucose level whenever you want. This way you can keep a check on your levels and take measures to keep it under control.

When you get your records in colorful charts and graphs, it becomes easier for you to understand and then figure out whether you need to make changes in your lifestyle or not. For example, if you see a graph that shows high blood sugar, you can share that with your doctor to know if you need to change your treatment.

You can Track Your Food

A few years back this was impossible but now you can use apps and even your devices to track the food that you eat daily. Using the same tracker, you can see how many carbohydrates are added up to your diet and you can keep a record about your insulin or exercise if you do it. Tracking your daily routine will help you to know how if it is affecting your blood sugar levels.

Glucometers Can Be Synced To Cloud Or App And Even Websites

With the rise of technology and modern devices, the glucometers that are available on online and offline stores can be synced with apps, cloud, or other websites. The new cutting edge glucometers and other devices which transit data are:

• Ditto:

Though this isn’t a glucometer, you can connect it to your glucose monitor. This is a small device that takes the reading or data of your device. There are nine modes in which it works and then wirelessly sends the data to your phone and uploads it to the website.

• The Health Wireless Smart Glucose Monitoring Systems:

This device along with the Telecare wireless glucose meters can use with glucometers. These are wireless and can be sync to your phone quite easily. These devices have websites and apps which can use to track the glucose levels.

• Glooco:

This is a cable that is used to connect your phone with twenty-one different glucometers that are approved by the FDA. Soon after it is connected, it uploads all the information to the cloud without any trouble.

If you are planning to buy a glucometer, probably you should start looking for the one that has a lot of memory and can store multiple readings. Several meters can store about 100-450 readings and even there are some meters that can store readings up to 3000. All these devices can display your data using graphs and charts. The one with big memories must include the one-touch ultra-smart, contour USB, Wavesense Jazz, and Up meter.

Which Apps Can Track Diabetes?

There are several apps used for tracking diabetes these days. Some people do not want to spend extra money on the glucometers which have amazing and fancy syncing features. They use the apps that are low cost and can be installed on smartphones. One doesn’t have to keep in mind that he or she needs to enter the glucose reading on the websites or apps. And also you will get amazing benefits of using apps the same as glucometers.

The following are some apps that can be used by diabetic patients to check their blood sugar level.

• Life: This is one of the most-used apps. This will not only help your track your food and glucose level but also will provide you with amazing videos, recipes and expert Q&As.

• The DiabetesPal: This app will sync with Withings and BodyMedia plus fitness trackers. Along with other data and glucose reading, you can also record your physical activity.

• My Glucose Buddy: This is easy to use and a popular tracking device that records the level of glucose and other information as well.


This app syncs well with Fitbit, BodyMedia Fit, and also with Withings pulse fitness trackers. It also stores the AC1, glucose and other such data. You can also print the reports and show them to your doctor.

Some websites and apps have their online communities that you can join. After joining these communities you will stay inspired and get their support.

How To Buy A Glucometer?

Buying a perfect glucometer is very important. The reason is that good quality glucometer will help you to track the blood sugar levels accurately. You should follow certain rules while buying a glucometer. It doesn’t matter whether you are choosing a basic model or a high tech one, follow these to choose the best for you and your loved ones.

Easy To Read

Ensure that the devices which you are choosing have a better display where you can read the results properly and accurately without mistakes. There are even glucometers that are built with a backlight that will help you to check the reading even if you are in dark. Some examples of such glucometers are Freestyle lite, EasyMax light, Wavesense presto, and One-Touch Ping.

Listen Up

There are glucometers for the people who have a problem with their vision. They can use the voice readout options and the glucometer will tell your reading. For instance, Easy Max voice, Advocate Redi-Code, Fora, Prodigy, Element Plus, and many more have inbuilt voice readouts.

Test It Before Buying

If you are buying a glucometer from offline stores, make sure that you check and run it once before buying it. You will get to know whether the glucometer is working fine and also how it feels to test using this machine. Make sure that you check that the buttons are place well and are easy to press.

If you face trouble using small strips, you can certainly choose the larger one. Glucometers that have a disk or a strip drum attach to it is much easier to handle. One can stay away from the slippery and tiny strips and can use the one that has disks attached.

Look If there are any Hidden Cost

Always ask about the price of the strips. This is very important because even free or cheap glucometers may have costlier stripes. In the long run, you may find it very expensive and may leave buying. Ask whether your insurance company will be covering the cost of strips that the devices need or not.

Check Whether It Is Automatic Or Not

Before you buy, see if the device works automatically or not. If the device doesn’t self-test, one may use a control solution occasionally like a testing liquid that has a specific glucose level. Place that liquid on the strip and see if the device shows accurate results.

Time Is Precious

We all know that time is very important and precious. We all look for ways to save time. There are some glucometers where you need to provide a special key or enter a code while you change the test strips. This is very difficult and also time-consuming. To save yourself from such a hassle look for glucometers that don’t have this feature.

Decide Your Budget

Glucometers are available in a different price range. Set a budget and look for the devices that fall under your price range. This will short list of options and you will be save from confusion.

You can also ask your doctor and seek expert advice to know which glucometer is the best for use.

Do You Have To Maintain A Glucometer?

The glucometers that are available online and offline are low maintenance. All your need is extra strips which will help you to test your blood sugar level. Rather than that, you can use a soft cloth to clean the screen or the display so that you can get a clearer view every time.

These were one of the facts that one must know about glucometers. Choose wisely or speak to expert consultants to know more about glucometers.

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