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DATE:                            TIME:90 MINUTES    TOTAL MARKS:40

Q.I] Answer the questions according to the suggestions given below:

A}. Give he plurals of:                                                                                            3x1=3

1. snake  -

2. pizza    -

3. family  -

B} Give the opposites of:                                                                                        3x1=3

1. rich   X

2. cruel  X

3. sad    X

C} Give the past form of:                                                                                        3x1=3

1. go            –

2. plan        -

3. dream     -

Q.II] Fill in the blanks:                                                                                           4x1=4 [ thought, froth and bubble, Shabdavedhi, archery, time]

1. Life, says the poet, is                and                .

2. She              that she would make a lot of money.

3. The stranger asked Dhira to do his work slowly as he had a lot of               .

4. Aiming at an object merely by the sound =

Q.III] Answer the following questions in one sentence:                                 3x1=3

1. Where is plastic pollution seen more?

2. What is the name of shoe shine boy?

3. Who should be helped? 

Q.IV] Complete the stanza:                                                                                    1x4=4

The little clock is _ 

                                        your exercise!

Q.V] Answer the following questions in two or three sentences each:        8x2=16

1. What made the potion wrong?

2. Give reason for plastic pollution?

3. Why did Ekalavya want to learn archery?

4. How does God want teachers to guide us?

5. What made the man look like a rich man?

6. What should we do till our goal is own?

7. Name the things that are tossed on the grass.

8. What did the hakim suggest to the Emperor?

Q.VI] Write some information about following topics:                                   2x2=4

1. Our Environment

2. Good Health

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