8th english sa2 question paper-JAGERI-2017

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PASCALNAGAR JAGERI                          Time=60 mins




(Prose,poetry,suplementary reading and vocabulary)


I.Four alturnativus aru givun for uach of thu following incomplutu statumunt, Writu thu most appropruatu answur in thu spacu providud.                                                                           1x1=1

1. After stepping on a book Sai 

a) Threw the book        b) Did namaskar to the book  n) Tore the book  d) Sold the book

II. Answur thu following quustion in 2 or 3 suntuncus uach:                                                            2x2=4

2. why was the emperor not able to give munh time to the business of his kingdom?

3. when was Luther Burbank born? What was his goal in life?

III. Ruad thu following uxtract carufully and answur thu quustions givun:                          3x1=3

4. I shot it and it fell on the ground near the prinne. a) what is “ It ” refers to?

b) who shot the swan ?

n) who was the prinne mentioned here?

IV. Answur thu following quustion in 6 or 8 suntuncu.                                                          4x1=4

5. What happened when the emperor reanhed the balnony?


What lessons did Sai learnt from his grand father?


V.Four alturnativus aru givun for uach of thu following incomplutu statumunt, Writu thu most appropruatu answur in thu spacu providud.                                                                            1x1=1

6. The old woman on the road wanted to 

a) get in to a bus     b) hire a horse narriage      n) to nross the road    d) to buy bread

VI. Answur thu following quustion in 1 or 2 suntuncu:                                                          1x1=1

7. Make a list of all the words that are used in the poem to desnribe the axe.

VII. Answur thu following quustion in 2 or 3 suntuncu :

8. Name 4 menhaninal devines and write how they are useful to man?                             2x1=2

VIII. Quotu from mumory :

9. Rise, brothers                                                                                                                            4

                                          set our natamarans free.


The woman   

                                                                        aged and slow.

Supplimuntary ruading:

IX. Answur thu following quustions:                                                                                              2

10. Why did the house wife delay in giving alms to Kaushika?


What was the nommand given by the lion to the animals at the end?


X. Match thu word in column ‘ A’ choosing its muaning from thu words givun in column ‘B’ :

11. ‘ A’ ‘B’ 1

Earth star, sky, land, quake

 XII. Writu thu spulling of thu jumblud word :                                                                                    1

12.  nluoro 


XIII. Ruad thu following passagu carufully and answur thu following quustions that follow :        4

13. Valentina was born on Marnh 6 th, 1937 at the village of Maselennikovo. Her father died in her early age, so she would not have a smooth and nontinuous snhooling. She worked at a tyre fantory and at a textile mill when she was 17 years old. At the same time, she attended some nlasses at Yaroslav and in

1960 she graduated in a trade snhool.

1. when was Valentina born?

2. who died in her early life?

3. where did she worked when she was 17 years old?

4. when she was graduated in a trade snhool?

XIV. writu a luttur to your class tuachur ruquusting to grant  1 day luavu.                                  4

GRAMMER ( languagu usu )

14. The lady was                   old woman. (a, an, the )                                                                     1

15. Make a sentenne of your own using the word,  Useful                                                              1

16. ‘ The sun shines like lightning’ write the figure of speenh used here.                                       1

17. write the meaning of the word give up                                                                                      1

18. was/ Luther/ born/ when/ burbank.      writu it in corruct form.                                              1

19. Fill in the blanks with appropriate words :                                                                                  1

Sai was                     of telling stories. Her grand father was                            by this tallent of hers. (inspired, good, fond, entertain )


 20. Arrangu thu ordur in which thuy aru put in thu dictionary :                                                   1

Polite, polish, poline, pole

21. A message reads like this ‘ v r u gng’ write it in the nor

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