9th G2 eng mdm Notes

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9th Standard Notes

                           By VEERESHI P ARAKERI



I. Fill in the blanks with suitable words: 

1. _______________island is located near Malpe. 

2. _____________ are called Sahyadri. 

3. Agumbe Ghat links and _____________and _____________. 

4. _____________district is known as Kashmir of Karnataka. 

Ans. (1) St. Mary (Coconut island); (2) Western Ghat Malnad; (3) Shimoga, U dupi; (4) Kodagu. 

II. Discuss in groups and answer the following questions. 

1. Mention the important physical divisions of Karnataka. 

Ans. On the basis of structure and relief Karnataka can be divided into three important physical divisions. They are - the coastal plains, the Malnad region and the Maidan region. 

2. Write a note on the relief features of Malnad. 

Ans. The Western Ghats in our state are called Malnad or the land of hills. Malnad runs parallel to the coastline from north to south. They have steep slopes like terrace to the west and gentle slope to the east hence they are called Ghats. They are 650 kms in length and 50-76 kms in width. The height ranges from 

900 to 1000 meters from sea level. 

3. Write a note on the coastal plains of Karnataka.

Ans. The coastal plain lies between the Arabian Sea and Malnad. The coastline extend-320 kms form Mangalore in the south to Karwar in the north. Its width varies from 12 to 64 kms. It is broad in the south and goes on becoming narrow with steep slopes towards north. Its height is more than 200 meters above sea level. It is called the Canara or the Karnataka Coastline'. Many fast flowing rivers rush through this coastline formed by sea erosion. They lead to creation of estuaries. There are many ports along the coastline. Among them, the 'New Mangalore is the major one. Many beautiful beaches along the sea-coast attract tourists here are some small islands located near the coast. Fishing is the main occupation of the people. 

4. Name the main hills of Southern maidan. 

Ans. There are many hills in the Southern Maidan. Some of them are- Chitradurga hills, Narayana durga hills, Savandurga and Shivas anga in Bangalore rural district. Madhugiri hill in Tumkur district is the biggest monolithic hill in Asia. Nandi hill station, chennakeshwara hill, Kavaledurga and Skandagiri hillst in Mandya district, Biligirirangana hill, Malemadeshwara hill, Himarad gopalswamy hills of Chamrajnagar district, Chamundi hill Mysore. 

5. Mention the mountain passes in Western Ghats.

Ans. The important mountain passes in Western Ghats are- 

(i) Charmudi Ghat which links Mangalore Chikmaglur. 

(ii) Shiradi Ghat -it links Hassan -Sakleshpur and Mangalore. 

(iii) Agumbe Ghat- it links Shimoga and Udupi. 

(iv) Hulikal Ghat-it links Shimoga and Kundapur. 

III. Match the following: 


1. Jog falls (a) Mangalore

2. Om beach (b) Northern maidan

3. Nandi hill station (c) Sharavati river

4. Monolith hill (d) Gokarna

(f) Madhugiri hill 

Ans. 1 - (c); 2 - (d); 3 - (e); 4 - (t); 5 - (b).


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