9th PS5 eng mdm Notes

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 9th Standard Notes

                           By VEERESHI P ARAKERI



I. Fill in the blanks with suitable words: 

1. India is a secular country and so does not oppose any _____________

2. Communalism is a major obstacle to __________

3. Republic Day is a _____________ festival. 

4. India is __________ to many languages. 

5. The National Flag is one ____________ emblem. 

6. Our national animal is _________

ANS: (1) religion, (2) national integration, (3) national, (4) home, (5) national (6) Tiger

II. Answer the following questions with group discussions: 

1. What is meant by 'nationalism'? 

Ans: The Indian states which became one under the British rule function today under the same common Constitution, uniform law, similar educational system, uniform judicial system and a strong Central Government. All these are the features of nationalism. 

2. What do you mean by ‘National Integration’?

Ans: National Integration refers to that situation where all the people of that country feel they are one although there are differences with regard to race, religion, culture and language. Such a feeling of unity among the people is necessary to build a strong nation. 

3. Which are the factors that lead to unity in diversity? 

Ans: The factors that lead to unity in diversity are geographical unity, political unity, religious unity, linguistic unity, cultural unity. Thus amidst diversity there is unity among Indians. The feeling of 'We are all one' is deep-rooted in the mind of every Indian. 

4. Which are the factors promoting to national integration?  

Ans: The factors promoting national integration are Secularism, Democracy, national festivals, national symbols and Interdependence of the Central Government and State Government on one another. 

5. What are the suggestions (problems) hindering the National integration?

Ans: Some of the suggestions (problems) hindering the National integration are as follows: 

(i) When people belonging to different castes and religion form their own associations and indulge in activities which encourage their castes and religion, national integration is threatened. 

(ii) The variety of languages in India is leading to linguistic obsession and parochialism. 

(iii) The presence of innumerable castes and caste-based associations is leading to communalism. 

(iv) Border disputes, river water disputes and language disputes between states are also problematic factors for national integration. 

(v) The other actors like terrorism, untouchability, lack of political will, negligence of people are also obstacles to national integration.

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