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Mid-Term Examination September: 2018

Class: 9th                          Subject:   English                                       Marks: 90                Time: 2½ Hours



Choose the correct answer among the given alternatives.                                                 3X1=3

1) The King decided to meet the---------------.

a) hermit      b) minister       c) friend    d) poet

2) The neighbor grew trees such as ----------------------

a) Apple and Papaya    b) Orange and Papaya

b) Papaya and Pomegranates  d) Apple and Orange

3) According to the author progress means 

a) destination    b)journey   c)development    d)growth

 Answer the following in   a word or a sentence                                                                        3X1=3

        4)  Who did Yudhistira ask to see for water?

        5)  What did Kapil’s mother always ragale with?

        6)  What did the king promise the man?

 Answer the following in 2-3 sentences each                                                                                  4X2=8

        7)  Why did Yama take the form of Yaksha?

       8)  Who wounded the man and why?

       9)  What difference do you find in the autorikshaw driver’s response?

     10)  In what way was Kapil “like all other children around him?”

 Read the following Extract and answer the questions                                                    3X3=9

      11)  “Why did you choose Nakula in preference to Bhima who has strength of sixteen thousand elephants?”

a) The Yaksha was pleased   at this.  What does this refer to?

b) Who did Yudhistira choose?

c) Describe the strength of Bhima

    12)  “She counted them every day, because she knew we were upto mischief”

a) Why did Kapil’s  neighbour count  pomegranates every day?

b) Even in her old age, Kapil’s neighbour was angry with him. Say   yes/no.

c) How many pomegranates were there in the trees according to the neighbour?

     13)  “I should compare my performance of the last year and see whether I am doing better now “

a) Who does “I” refer to?

b) What should we compare?

c) Why should we compare?

  Answer any one of the following in a paragraph each                                                              1X4=4

     14)  Why did Yudhistira choose Nakula in preference to Bhima?   OR

          Write “horse riding incident” in “My Beginnings” 


  Choose correct answer from the alternatives given                                                                 3X1=3

       15)  Which one of the following does not match with Betty’s nature?

a) Foolish     b)   courageous     c)   hard worker     d)  attentive

      16)  The Poet places heart above all else because it helps to

           a) blood circulation    b) respiration     c) digestion        d) love


  17)  The Poet does not want us to die a thought because 

            a) it makes us healthy                 b) it develops creativity

            c) it is interesting                    d) English is a wonderful game

 Answer the following in a word or a sentence                                                                                2X1=2

      18) Whose disciple was Upagupta?

     19)  Why was there a loud Yell from the pavilion in the poem “Missed”?

  Answer the following in 2-3 sentences                                                                                      3X2=6

    20)  Why did Upagupta wake up started?

    21)  Justify the statement ‘winning could only be earned’ with reference to the poem ‘A Girl Called Golden’ 

    22)  The poet speaks about matching words in the poem ‘The wonderful words’.   What     should we   match     the words with?

  Answer any one of the following in a paragraph                                                                    1X4=4

     23) Narrate the story of ‘Upagupta’ in your own words      


         Write the summary of the poem “The wonderful words”

  Read the following extract and answer the questions                                                          1X3=3

       24) I am grateful for one thing, all else above that I was given a heart that I may love 

             a) Who does given “I” refers to?

             b) Which organ he places above all else?

             c) Why does he place it above all else?

                            Supplementary Reading

 Answer the following questions in 2-3 sentences each                                                          2X2=4

     25) Describe the impact of Aruna’s public address during Salt Satyagraha


            How did Aruna enter into the freedom struggle?

     26)  How was the king cured according to the old woman?


            “The king was foolish” justify. 


  Add prefixes to the underlined words in the sentence                                                        1X1=1

     27) Bindu was not happy because, she could not get the good marks in the exam.

 Fill in the blanks with appropriate form the word given in the brackets                        ½X2=1

      28)  The ---------- said that only fresh evidence would make him change his ------ (judge)

 Pick out the one that does not belong to the group                                                               1X1=1

      29) Victory, Success, Defeat, Win

   Match the following                                                                                                                  ½X2=1

      30)              A                B

a)   Grateful      -     resent  

b)    Grudge        -    feeling or showing thanks to be pleased somebody by praising

                         -   mournful

 Fill in the blanks using the phrases given in the brackets                                                  ½X2=1

                      (known for, tired of,   come round)


  31)  a) The old father ---------- his mischievous son.

          b) The son was ----------- his bad deeds every where




 Read the following passage and answer the questions                                                          4X1=4

Once, Akbar and Birbal were walking in the garden.  The King saw a huge flockof crows flying around.  He wondered who could ever count the number of crows in the city.  He immediately ordered his men to count the crows.  They counted the crows on roof tops and the trees and also near the river banks.  But they were not sure about the number in the city. All the men counted the crows.  But no one was sure of number.  The King thought it was the right time to ask Birbal and told the matter to Birbal. Birbal:  It was very simple.  There are 200 crows in the city. King:  But people told that there were 240 Birbal:  That’s right.  Some crows have come to visit the city.

King:  But I counted   165 Birbal:  You are correct.   Your Majesty, Some crows have gone to visit their friends

King:  You are a clever man.

Choose the correct answers

    32)  Akbar and Birbal were walking -------------------

          (in the field, in the garden,   on the river bank)

   33)  The King’s men gave -------------

          (different answer, same answer, correct answer)   

  34)  Birbal’s answer was a -------------------

             (correct answer,  clever answer,  wrong answer)

  35)  ‘Clever’ means ----------

              (huge,  sure,  intelligent)

  Read the Passage and answer the questions                                                                            4X1=4

Bhaskara II was a famous Scientist and a great poet, too.  He was a    Kannadiga, born in   Bijapura.    His father,     Maheshwaropadhyaya was a    learned    Mathematician. Bhaskara’s first teacher was his own father.  Bhaskara invented Kalachakra, the time clock.

  36)  Where was Bhaskara born?    37)  Who was his father?

  38)  Why do we, kannadigas feel proud of Bhaskara?   39)  Who taught him mathematics first?

 Read the following lines and answer the questions                                                              1X1=1

                     A                                          B

         __________                     _______________

           3 cms .                                   5cms.

     40)  Which line is longer in the above picture?


 Complete the story using clues                                                                                                  1X5=5

      41) A small lonely railway station of a remote village -- bad winter night --Dogs   howling -- no lights --  A passenger waiting for the train --. Train arrives - - gets into   the compartment ---only one traveler is there ---- he asks the new incumbent,  if he believed in ghosts -- this man says ‘no’ - the other traveler disappears.

 Write a paragraph observing the information given below:                                                1X5=5


  Sport      description Rules    Key words

Hockey Outdoor game  team sport  players hit the ball

Using       to the goal            Two teams of 11 players.  The game 

Consists of three – 20 minutes period. Penalty – Corner 



 Change the following sentence into negative                                                                        1X1=1

       43) Nakula was searching for water.

 Fill in the blanks with appropriate “wh” words                                                                     1X1=1

        44)  ------------ did India become independent?  (When, Where)

  Fill in the blanks with infinitives given in bracket                                                               1X1=1

       45)  I do not know what ----------- (to do, to go in the town, to reach)

  Fill in the blank with suitable linkers                                                                                           1X1=1

      46)  She wanted to score -------- she did not work hard properly (but, though, because)

 Fill in the blank with correct Auxiliaries                                                                                       1X1=1

      47)  I -------- (am/is/was) not hungry now.

  Change into passive voice                                                                                                            2X1=2

      48)     a)   Close  the door

           b)   Shahajahan built Taj Mahal.

  Correct the sentence                                                                                                                    2X1=2

       49)  One of the players were hurt.

       50)  Do you thought the poet regrets having bungled the catch.

 Fill the blanks with right form of the Verbs                                                                        ½X4=2

      51)   The Pandavas --------- (chase) the animal but it was a magic deer which --------- (run) in great leaps and bounds decoying the Pandavas far into the Forest and then -------- (disappear).  The sun was hot over head and the Brothers ------------ (grow) more and more thirsty.

  Frame questions by using ‘wh’ word so that the underlined word as an answer              2X1=2

         52)   Mind is faster than wind.

         53)   Earth is the biggest vessel.


  Use the following word in the different ways with reference to the Dictionary            1X2=2

          54)  Sharp.

  Araange the words in the alphabetical order as in the Dictionary                                    1X1=1

           55)  System, Anchor,   Public,   Board,   Festival, Hospital, Short, Show,  Simple.

  Arrange the following with reference to the mathematics                                                              1X1=1

         56)    Tanuja was confused by two words, numerator and denominator.  Where in her book would she most likely to find the correct definition of these words. 

            Choose the correct one from the alternatives.

a) Title paper    b) Table of contents   c) Index   d) Glossary.

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