9th std english SA2 exam question paper 2018-19

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 Government high school Handli

Summative examination March-2019

9th Standard

  Second Language English

Marks: 90 Time: 2.45Hours

Instructions: Read all the questions and attempt all.

Write legibly.

Answer the multiple choice questions with its respective alphabet.

Section ‘A’

(Prose, Poetry, Supplementary reading and vocabulary)

Four Alternatives are given for each of the following questions/incomplete statements. Write the correct or the most appropriate answer in the space.   1*6=6

1   Nakula climbed the tree in search of ___________.

a. water    b. fruits      c. enemy        d. invisible voice 

2. Kapil wanted to become __________ in his childhood.

    a. a cricketer       b. an athletic player         c. golf player          d. football palyer

3.  Algu did not agree to become Panch because ____________.

    a. case was dificult to solve. b. Aunt did not request him properly.

    c. case was against his close friend.             d. Algu was not well.

4.   According to Bhagat singh revolution is _________.

   a. violence b. Spirit of freedom c. terrorism d. sacrifice without ideals.

5.  According to Dr.Kalam, ______ makes the difference between the winners and losers.

a. technology     b. imagination c. race d. day dream

6. Old aunt decided to go to Panchayat because _________.

    a. Algu had cheated her.                    b.  she wanted to give trouble to Jumman.

    c. she wanted to have justice for the unjust she had faced.         d. Jumman told her to do so.

Answer in two or three sentence each.(Any four) 4x2=8

7. In what way was Kapil like all other children around him?

8. Why does the author lay emphasis on ‘adding words to our actions’ and also ‘adding actions to our 


9. Who took the form of Yaksha and why did he do so?

10. What does Bhagat Singh say about means of production? 

11.What were the games offered in the local school where Kapil was studying? Which game was

     Kapil fairly good at during his school days?

Read the following extracts and answer the question given.

12.“I will abide by her decision?”

a. Who is referred as ‘her’ here? 1

b. Where did the speaker so? 1

c. What was the decision about? 1

13. “If that is so, we can let him go.”

a. Who is the speaker? 1

b. Whom did he say so? 1

c. Who is referred as ‘him’ here?  1

14. “Let me take the spade and work in your place.”

a. Who is the speaker? 1

b. Whom does ‘your’ refer to? 1

c. What was the man doing with spade?             1

Answer the following questions in 6-8 sentences  4

15. What is Dr. Abdul Kalam’s message to teachers and students?


What were the incidents that brought change in Bhagat Singh’s life?


16. Poet Subrahmanya Bharati says ¨Gone is the trickster´s sway¨ ____________ are referred as

      ´tricksters´ here. . 1

    a. Farmers b.politicians

    c. terrorists d. British

17. Why did Ibrahim Come to yousuf’s house?  (Answer in a sentence.) 1

18. Why does the poet wants to thank his eyes? (Answer in a sentence.) 1

Answer the following in 2-3 sentence each.    2x3=6

19. What kind of a justice is dead according to the poet Praveen Kumar?

20. What is the message of the poem ‘it never comes again’?

21. Why does the poet place the heart above all?


Which line in the poem ‘A girl called golden’ suggest that it is not easy to become a winner?

Read the following extract and answer the questions that follow.         

22. Gone is the foriegner’s might.

  a. Who are referred as ‘foreigners’? 1

  b. Which poem is this line taken from? 1

  c. When did the poet write this poem? 1

23. Quote from memory the eight lines of the poembeginning with     4x1=4

We are stronger, and ...............................

..................................... never come again.


Write the message of the poem ‘Nobleness enkindlth nobleness?

Supplementary Reading

Answer the following questions in 4-5 sentences.       2x2=4

24. What was Aruna Asaf Ali’s advice to freedom fighters?


       How did mr.Kumar Help Ranji?

25.  Physicians and surgeons are dolts. Why did the king call them dolts?


What did Tom begin to investigate? why?


26. Choose the word collocates with the word given. 1

Table fan, bag, light, board]

27. Identify the word given in jumbled order.

itconcv  - (a person imprisoned for a crime) 1

28. Use the correct prefix and make the given word negative.

a. justice 1

29. Fill in the blank with correct homophone.

        My brother is suffering with a fever from last _______ (week/weak). He has become very

         ________    (weak/week) and dull. 1



Answer the  folowing questions after reading the  Advertisement given after the questions. 

30. Who has given the advertisement? 1

31. When does the offer begin? 1

32. How much discount is available on kids wear? 1

33. Write wheteher following statement is  true or false. 1

Cards are not acceptable in the offer.

Rewrite the jumbled words to make a meaningful sentence. 

 34. India/match/yesterday/20-20/the/won/. 1

Read the passage nd answer the following questions.

Long, long ago, there lived a king named Pandu. He was the king of Hastinapur. He had five sons. Arjuna was his third son. He was the cleverest of all the five Pandava brothers. Arjuna and his brothers learnt archery from their Guru, Dronacharya. Arjuna was Drona’s favourite pupil. He worked day and night to get mastery in archery. 

One evening, while Arjuna was having his dinner, the lamp went out and there was darkness all around. Even in the dark, his hand carried his food to his mouth. Arjuna was really surprised at this. He thought, “If I can eat in the dark, I can also shoot with my bow in the dark”. From that day, he started practising shooting in the night. Drona was very happy to know this and he said, “Arjuna, I will teach you all the skills, you will be the best archer in the whole world.

35. Who was the third son of Pandu? 1

36. What was Arjuna master of? 1

37. Pick out the word from passage which says subject dealing with arrow and bow? 1

38. Who was Drona’s favourite pupil? 1

39. Look at the picture given below and make a sentence by using- shorter than 1

               Tube light A Tubelight B


40. Imagine that you are Sohan/Sandhya  Govt High School Hassan. Write a letter to your mother about your preparation for examination.


Write a leave letter to your class teacher requesting him to grant leave for two days to attend your

    brother´s marriage. 4

41. Write a paragraph about Field Marshal Cariappa by using the information given. 4

Birth: 28 January 1899

Place: Madikeri, Kodagu.

Son: Air Marshal K C Nanda

War: fought Indo-Pakistan war

Awards: Order of the British empire

42.A paragraph is given below. It has four errors. Edit the paragraph on the clues given.

         Algu and jumman were great friends. Their friendship was respected by everybody 

         on the village. 2

a) Capitalisation to be done ________.

b) Preposition to be edited _________.

Grammar (Language Use)

43. Fill in the blank with correct form of the verb given in bracket.

          I __________ (see) a beautiful falls while I __________ ( be+travel) in bus to Ooty yesterday. 2

44. Use the appropriate ´W/H´ question to get the underlinedword as an answer.

Cleanliness is the key to good health. 1

a. Who is the key to good health?

b. Why is the key to good health?

c. Where is the key to good health?

d. What is the key to good health?

45. Fill in blank with appropriate article and preposition. 1

Tilak was _________ honest man, working __________ a government office.

Fill in the blank with right form of the word given in bracket.

46. We have to maintain ________ (clean) of our sorroundings. 1

Fill in the blank with correct form of the verb.

47. Sanjana ______(be) having breakfast when I ______ (go) to her house in the morning. 2

48. Change into indirect/reported speech.

Shyam: where are you going now?

Balu: I am going to market.

Shyam asked ___________________________ Balu replied that ______________. 2

Use the correct modal and fill in the blank. 2

  49.You ______(must/should/can) take this pen. (Offering)

  50.There are clouds in the sky. It _____ (may/can/must) rain in the evening. (Probability)

Use the correct conjunction join the sentences. 2

51. Convict did not do any crime. He was punished. (and/ although/ or/ still)

  52.He speaks English. He speaks Hindi. (as/ neither… nor/ but/ as) 

  53.Change into passive voice

Indians celebrate Deepavali all over the world. 1

a. Deepavali is celebrated by Indians all over the world.

b. Deepavali was celebrated by Indians all over the world.

c. Deepavali is being celebrated by Indians all over the world.

d. Deepavali are celebrated by Indians all over the world.

54.Identify the type of sentence. 1

I met a friend whom I had met in the competition last year. 

Reference skill

55. Arrange the following words in the order in which they are put in dictionary.

           prepare, prepaid, previous, precaution

56. To know the meaning of a new word- the source we refer is….……………………… 1

a) thesaurus    b) Atlas c) dictionary d) news paper

57.Change the following SMS in to normal sentence.  1

       How r u?

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