9th std 2nd language English csas-SA1 model question paper 2017-18 skp

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1. What rescues man in danger?

a.Dharma  b. Courage   c. learning   d. Desire

2. Add the correct prefix to get the underlined word as opposite; The visible being laughed in scorn.

a.  Un    b. Ir   c. Il  d. dis

3. Give one word for the following;

A religious person who leads a simple life; --------- a.  Ascetic   b. Richman   c. Dancer   d. Server

4. Fill in the blank with appropriate form of the word;

Hermits are wise men. How they acquire their --------- no one can tell. a. Wisdom  b.Wiser  c. knowledge   d. Wiseman

5. The king wanted to have answers to ------- questions. a. Four b. Two    c. Three   d. Five

6. I may hear the sobbing of those who need me near. [The meaning of the underlined word is]

a. Crying   b.Laughing   c. Guiding   d. Hearing.

7. The trees that the lady was proud were -------.

a. Papaya and Pomegranate        b. Papaya and Guava

c. Lemon and Papaya                  d. Pomegranate and Guava

8. Pick out the one that does not belong to the group;

a. Boxing     b. Running     c. Jumping     d. Throwing

9. What made the coach recognize that Betty was special?

a. She was brave and fast runner       b. She was determined and hard working c. She gave advice about running     d. She accepted his advice

10. The word usually makes our enquires more polite is----------. a. Please   b. Excuse c. Kindly  d. Soft

11. Fill in blank with most appropriate word:

Students have to be -------- to all the teachers for their help. a.  Flattered     b. Shun     c. Grateful    d. Grudge

12. Words are the food and dress of ----------.

a. Thought     b. Desire     c. Mind     d. Eyes

13. Choose the correct homophone for the given clue;

Reasonable ticket price.  Fair:: ---------- .a. Fare     b. Fear      c. Tear     d. Ticket.

14. Fill in the blank with correct form of the word:

Students were ----------- [immense] pleased with their scores.

a.  Immensely     b.Immensed     c.Immense    d. Not immense

15. Give one word for the following:

Something published once in seven days; ----------. 

a.  Daily   b. Monthly    c. Weekly    d. Fortnightly.

16. Fill with correct form of adjectives:

Asia is the ----------- continent in the World.   A. Large    b. Larger   c. Largest   d. Bigger

17. Choose the correct word to combine the following sentences: The train was delayed. There was heavy rainfall.

a.  As    b. And   c. So   d. But

18. Fill in the blank choosing the correct alternative: Water ---------- Oxygen and hydrogen.

a.  Compose   b. Composed of   c. are composed     d. is composed

19. What happened to Nakula when he drank the water in the pool?

a. At once he began to feel terribly drowsy and he felt down to all appearance dead. b. He got horrible strength and began to feel terribly happy

c. He felt happy and lost his strength and courage. d. He lost his courage and strength .He felt happy.

20. Who had wounded the man and why?

a. The bodyguard, because he recognized him as the king’s enemy.

b. The hermit, because he did not identify he was his friend. c. The king, because he found him in the forest.

d. The bearded man, because he was kind man.

21. What were the dreams of Kapil?

a. To drive Mercedes Benz and travel around the World. b. To play cricket and travel around the world

c. To drive Mercedes Benz and to play football. d. To play basketball and drive Mercedes Benz.

22. What difference you find in autorikshaw driver’s response?

a. The forest one did his job and the second one helped the customers b.The first one did not do the job but the second one did job

c. the first one helped the customer but the second one did not help d. The first one was happy to help but the second one was not.

23. How do lips and mind help a human being?

a. Lips help to speak words of comfort, peace and min d to know help those in need. b. Lips help to talk happily and mind to think big

c. Lips help to speak words and mind to read the book.

d. Lips to read and mind to think

24. How is the spring season described in the Poem Upagupta?

a.The trees were full of blossom and the flute notes came floating in the air b.The trees were without leaves and flute bore no notes.

c. The trees were full of leaves and the flute notes did not come. d. The trees were empty and the flute notes came floating

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